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Nailed It! 'Privilege Quarterly' Is the Magazine for the Uber-Arrogant

If you wear the hipster headdress or act all Indian while you smoke dope, there's finally a magazine for you. No, it's not actually called 'Jerk.'
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The long-running website recently joked that "In a parallel universe, the print industry is thriving!" and provided a few examples of the sort of highly specialized publications that would exist in such a world. Not just would exist—should exist, they say. In addition to Copycat: The Coolest Tech, Tips and Lies and Cosplayers Listening Intently, BoingBoinger Rob Beschizza came up with the brilliant Privilege Quarterly, a magazine about "Celebrating Things That One Is Not."

Its cover touts war bonnets from Etsy, "hottest Asian cultures to appropriate," and (in a direct reference to Emerson Windy's moronic video) how to "vape Native style."

The cover line "Where to find ones that are ok with it" may be a reference to the Washington Redskins campaign (via its OAF) to negate widespread protests against the team's name by digging up (with a donated backhoe if necessary) American Indians who support it.

Well done, BoingBoing.

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