Must-See TV: Donald Trump and the Reality Show Called Presidency

Donald Trump has created the greatest TV reality show of all time, and the national media and consumers are going along for the ride.

Donald Trump has created the greatest TV reality show of all time, and the national media and consumers are going along for the ride. Whether you love him or hate him, his upset in the presidential election race has made his bizarre act must-see TV; and the more attention he gets from the public and media the more it inflates his tremendous ego.

Many in the media are falling for this smokescreen – hook, line and sinker. He is making it easy on media outlets for a news story. They really don’t have to work on investigating certain issues because all they have to do is read Trump’s early morning tweets and they have their story for the day – whether the coverage is positive or negative. It’s becoming our own fault that we pay attention to everything he says.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who serves as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and is the former chair and current member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, told reporters in December, "My time is devoted to trying to make sure this nation is secured, not to comment on every comment of Mr. Trump's. Now, that may be your priority, and yours and yours. That may be your priority to comment every day on any comment that Mr. Trump has. My priority is to try to defend the nation and the men and women who are serving it and I cannot carry out that mission by responding to every comment of President-(elect) Trump's."


“I’m sick and tired of only being asked about everything that Donald Trump says or does," McCain told the online news website The Huffington Post. "I think it’s outrageous and ridiculous that people like you should continue to do so." I’m with you Mr. Senator. Hopefully, this will be the last time I write a commentary about the “so-called” President Trump. After this, I’m going to go on living my life and taking care of my day-to-day obligations and let nature take its course. I will continue to fight for my own personal sovereignty, as well as for tribes.

By letting nature take its course I mean what I predicted soon after Trump won the election. A good friend of mine was so distraught. He could not see why anyone in their right mind would vote for Trump. I said, “give it some time. He will slip up and do something totally unconstitutional and even GOP lawmakers will grow weary of his psycho behavior. That will eventually, and I think inevitably, lead to him being impeached by Congress. There are enough smart people out there who can see through his smokescreen and know the steps it will take to remove him from office.”

But you never know what Trump is going to say or do – even though there’s no real evidence that he’s a cocaine user, it is being speculated. Although some folks say he shows characteristics of being a coke head, I won’t believe it until I see actual proof. I’ve never been around a cocaine addict for a period of time so I’m not sure what some cocaine addiction experts are saying is true. But a few things do stand out to me on the list of symptoms of cocaine abuse: feeling superior to others, excited jubilant speech, delusions, paranoia and chronic runny nose.

I did not watch his press conference live March 2. It wasn’t until after I was granted this assignment that I looked it up online. To read all the comments on Facebook after the event, I thought Trump may have appeared totally incoherent or perhaps sounded like he was high on something. But that wasn’t the case after viewing it. We all have our personal biases. Again, some people hate and deplore him, and some people love and adore him and think that he is going to make America great again.

To put an end to this rant, I’ll finish with this; if we all continue to pay too much attention to what Trump tweets and says in front of the cameras, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. What we must concentrate on are his actions. He is already losing support from his own party. As Americans, and Native Americans, we have to continue to protest his actions. But that doesn’t mean we have to listen to every word he spews out of his mouth and react to it. We have to be on the defensive but also go on the offensive. Nature has a way of running its course.

Harlan McKosato is a citizen of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma. He is the Director of NDN Productions, an independent media production company based in Albuquerque.