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Museum Exhibits "Lost Tribes" Paintings

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The Marco Island Historical Museum is showcasing its latest exhibit, nearly 50 oil-on-canvas paintings by Theodore Morris, entitled "Florida's Lost Tribe," reports The exhibit will run from Jan 20th to April 8th.

Morris told that he strove to depict a historically accurate and authentic depiction of Native American tribes in Florida that he feels are underrepresented. He has included in his work accompanying text, and did extensive research in archaeology, photographic study and history to make sure his paintings reflected as true, and vivid, an account of those early days as possible. “I went to do some research and was surprised that there was so little available,” he said. “I felt there should be more known about these people and thought with my paintings I can bring them back to life."

It took Morris years of researching to bring these works to life. He spent time with local archaeologists to learn more about tribes such as the Apalachee, Calusa, Timucua, Seminole, Jeaga and the Martires People.

If you live in the area and want to check out the exhibit for yourself, the The Marco Museum is located at 180 Heathwood Drive, Marco Island, Fl, 34145. You can also call them at (239) 389-6447.

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