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Murkowski Responds to President Obama’s Employment Speech

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Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski fielded questions shortly after President Barack Obama’s speech regarding employment and jobs in the United States on September 8.

When she was asked if the president’s jobs act proposal reminded her of the stimulus bill, her first reaction was thankful that he never mentioned the word stimulus.

“I haven’t seen the actual text but I did listen very carefully to the president’s words and note that he did not use the word stimulus once. I think that’s a good thing because if he had it would have been doomed from the get go,” she said.

She proceeded to discuss how she agrees that this country needs lasting infrastructure and that the government will continue to work on and complete.

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Murkowski addresses how the national unemployment rate has hovered over 9 percent for months. That rate is still drastically lower than the 15.2 percent unemployment rate for American Indians from the first half of 2010. Those numbers were cited in the report “Different Race, Different Recession: American Indian Unemployment in 2010,” by Algernon Austin of EPI. Other points of interest from his research as reported by are the unemployment rate for Alaska Natives hitting 21.3 percent – the highest regional unemployment rate for American Indians through the first half of 2010. An issue that Murkowski is well aware of as her state is home to the most federally recognized tribes in the country.