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Multimedia Piece - John Herrington's Wakeup Song

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Each day mission control radios up a wakeup song for the crew. The song is usually one chosen by the astronaut's family or close friends,or it can be one selected by the flight controllers because of what's happening that day or something unusual. When there were problems with too much gas in the crew's drinking water on one flight the wakeup call was "tiny bubbles". When one mission's return got delayed several times the wakeup call was "I'll be home for Christmas." - the mission was in July.

Tuesday November 26th was John Herrington's first wakeup song in space. Mission control radioed "That was "Gimme All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top from Debbie and the girls. Today they'll be wishing you lots of luck and lots of love as you take your first spacewalk today." Herrington replied "'Morning Houston. I'm feeling the love, that's great. It gets the heart beating in the morning. Thank you."

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