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Métis Chief Snags Third Term

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Two-time Métis National Council (MNC) president Clément Chartier promised to “continue to push for recognition and rights of our Métis citizens across the homeland” as he garnered a third three-year term in December.

He promised to focus on Métis veterans, rectify the legacy of residential schools, uphold harvesting rights and push for a Métis constitution.

The MNC will vote at its next general assembly on whether to declare 2011–2020 the Decade of the Métis Nation with the idea that a 10-year plan “will allow the Métis nation to plan strategically and highlight and focus on specific issues within the Métis nation,” the group said in a release.

“The Decade of the Métis nation is a continuation of the legacy we began last year when 2010 was recognized as the Year of the Métis nation,” Chartier said. “It is important that we keep the momentum and continue along the path to success.”

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