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Moya-Smith: Trump Calls Out Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Indian Blood,’ Then Warren Said This Madness

Trump claims he has "as much Indian blood" as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren responds with a Tweet that is historically inaccurate.

Complete delusion. No grip on reality. Bad history in a white brain.

I’m describing Elizabeth Warren here.

Trump the Troll, who is now the leading Republican candidate for the American throne, ripped into Congresswoman Elizabeth Warren during an interview with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, upchucking, “She’s got about as much Indian blood as I have.

“I think it’s wonderful because the Indians can now partake in the future of the country,” Trump told Dowd. “… Her whole life was based on a fraud. She got into Harvard and all that because she said she was a minority.”

Firstly, fuck Donald Trump and his hubris and hatred and his small hands and rotten skull.

Now that we got that out of the way, back to Warren: 

She claims her great, great, great grandmother was Cherokee, but she has never provided any evidence that she is indigenous North American, and she gets seriously testy when any reporter queries her about her curious parentage. The only evidence Warren has to confirm her lineage is an alleged picture of her grandfather, and “high cheekbones” in her family.

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But this column isn’t about “convenient Indians” – people who claim to be Native American when it serves their agenda, and who are not visibly a part of the community they claim to belong to. No. It’s Warren's Tweet published Monday to Trump the Troll that is completely delusional … bad history in a white brain:

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According to Elizabeth Warren, a congresswoman who claims to be Native American, this nation “was built on values like decency, community, and concern for our neighbors.” ... I guess enslavement and Indian removal and relocation and boarding schools and prison camps [today known as reservations] and the multitude of massacres and murders and rapes and anti-Native American policies geared to annihilate Indigenous Peoples just skipped her mind, huh? Right.

I don't know what world Warren lives in, but it has got to be at least a neighbor to Trump's, because this tweet of hers, a small window into her skull, is World-Class Bullshit, which is rumored to be the name of Trump's next hotel resort.

Lo, this nation was NOT built on decency and community and concern for our neighbors. It was built on racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and pure hatred of anything not white Christian. Don't let Warren or Trump or any other person who would whitewash and myth-make history convince you otherwise.

OK. Got to catch a flight. In the meantime, watch out for more lies and bullshit. They pepper the American ground like landmines. If you don't look carefully at all times, you may be the next victim. Don't be. Your friend - Simon.

Simon Moya-Smith

Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota, is the Culture Editor at Indian Country Today. Follow him @Simonmoyasmith.