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Motivated mom

I really think that if we could get more public pools on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, it would be beneficial to the youth as well as adults. It would be beneficial to all reservations, but I’m not sure if other reservations have them already or not. All I know is, here on Pine Ridge we only have one, and this is a big reservation.

If we had YMCA’s in each town on the reservation it would really be great for everybody. I know that they’ve tried youth activity centers and they’ve gotten ruined. All they’d have to do is have more security. We should also have at least one rollerblading rink here. Kids and teenagers love rollerblading rinks. A lot of adults do, too. I don’t know if the council could organize it to get it done, or if individual people could help out. … but, I really wish we had these things here.

It’s hard having to drive two hours just to reach fun places for them to visit. Too much mileage and money. I would like to do it, but I have no idea how and I have no money to do it.

I hope this letter gets some people’s minds going and reaches someone who would know how to make it happen.

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– Alaequah Moves Camp

Wanblee, S.D.