Mother-daughter duo compete at pow wows

LAWRENCE, Kan. - While Beverly Moran was growing up, she never learned the rich traditions of her people. But after years of searching she found the dance arena calling to her and began learning.

When her daughter Andrea was born, Moran wanted to teach the little girl the heritage of her people and took the plunge into the world of pow wow dancing. She has been at it for four years and dances Northern women's traditional buckskin.

Moran and her daughter competed at the recent Haskell Indian Nations University commencement pow wow. Andrea took first in junior girls, beating her mother who placed third in women's traditional.

"She dances better than I do because it is natural to her." Moran said as she proudly watched Andrea during competition. The 6-year-old, who plays with dolls and loves animals, is a pro in the dance arena, often dancing and winning in competition against girls who are older and more experienced. She recently did well at Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque.

Moran learned to bead and has done the designs for her daughter's ever-changing regalia. (Little girls grow very quickly, Moran says)

"I used to get so frustrated, but now I am pretty fast at it, so I can keep up with her."

Andrea is saving her winnings for a swing set and the Haskell win should get it for her!

What does she think about traveling the powwow circuit with mom? She just shrugs - more important things were on her mind. She was hot on the trail of Dorothy and Toto. "They live in Kansas don't they?" she asked.