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Most Expensive Water Menu Debuts in LA

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Do you prefer your water salty and bitter, or sweet and smooth? Water apparently has a very complex tasting profile, and now at a fancy Los Angeles-based restaurant housed inside a museum, you can choose your terrior of preference based on region and description, as well as sodium, calcium and magnesium counts.

The country’s most extensive water menu was introducted at Ray’s and Stark Bar in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on August 5. A water sommelier, Martin Riese, guides guests through the 45-page water bible featuring 20 items from ten different countries.

Bottles, which range in price from $8 to $20, include the familiar, like Fiji and Perrier, and the lesser known, like Beverly Hills 90H20.

If you thought all water was created equal, you were wrong, Riese says. “Smell this tap water,” Riese told the Los Angeles Times of tap water retrieved from the men’s bathroom. “It smells like chlorine. As a restaurant person here in L.A., I can say I would never drink that water. When you have good food, good wine and good spirits, you don't want to contaminate that with this water.”

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Contrary to common opinion, that water straight from an iceberg in Greenland, bottled and sold in the store is no safer, more pure or tastier than tap.

Pen & Teller debunks the myth in this video “Bottled BULLl$#!T”: