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More Than 100 Motorcyclists Participate in Redhawk Native American Scholarship Fund Ride

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More than 100 motorcycles assembled on an early Sunday morning, August 5, in front of the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City. The bikers came from all across the New York and New Jersey area to raise money for the Redhawk Native Americans Scholarship fund. The ride was organized by Redrum Motorcycle Club, a National motorcycle club with American Indian chapters who wear a First Nations patch.

The riders prepared for their trek which would take them up the West Side of Manhattan and over the George Washington Bridge, then alongside the scenic Hudson River. The ride ended at the 16th annual Bear Mountain Pow wow. The riders where allowed to line their bikes within the pow wow as respected Navajo Elder Allen Mc Cabe conducted a blessing ceremony for all the riders who took part in the run. Redrum member Kingpin Joe said “It’s a really great ride for a good cause, riders get to take part in the ride then spend the day at the pow wow.”

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