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Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council Offers Support

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When the Little Bighorn River surged over it’s banks flooding the Crow Reservation in northern Montana, it was only a piece of the bigger picture. Flooding ravaged much of Montana and some of Wyoming leaving families homeless and in fear of water contamination.

The Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council, in an effort of support, recently announced it sent $1,000 to nine tribal governments in Montana and Wyoming. The monetary donations were to help tribes mitigate damage from the flooding and the council has since distributed a National Bulletin requesting donations to be sent to the tribes.

“On behalf of the MT-WY Tribal Leaders Council, I am extending my sincere concern with regard to the extent and breadth of the flooding in your tribal communities,” said Jay St. Goddard, chairman of the MT-WY Tribal Leaders Council in a press release. “Our prayers are with the tribes during this trying time that has caused so much human suffering.”

The council has been monitoring the floods and follow-up damage. Updated information is available at the councils website

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