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Mohegan Indian Tribe of Connecticut

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It's so good, it's bad in southeastern Connecticut. The economic boom is so good it's tapped into a shrinking labor pool that will be even more shallow over the next few years with casino expansion. The tribe plans to hire 3,500 workers to staff the expansion to its Mohegan Sun casino. The expansion will need everything from cooks to clerks to managers and accountants. Regional officials say the local unemployment rate is at 2.6 percent, creating competition for workers from the region. Rival Foxwoods Resort Casino plans to beef up its benefit package to keep employees from making the switch to the Mohegan Sun. Like Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun is focusing on benefits and employee retention and just opened a new employee center. The Mohegans also plan to build a day-care center. One regional labor official says casinos can afford to offer top benefits, which gives them an edge in finding workers and puts a strain on the smaller employers who can't quite level the playing field.

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