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Mohegan Indian Tribe of Connecticut

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Tribal members will get a $2,000 increase to their annual stipend from casino profits, the tribal council decided. The stipend for each of the tribe's 1,500 members will now be $12,000, for a total cost to the tribe of about $18 million a year. The Mohegans earned a $145 million profit last year from the Mohegan Sun casino. Profits are expected to rise above $200 million with the opening of the casino's Sunburst project, which includes more casino space, a hotel, shops and other amenities. "Tribal members have been very patient, and we thought something more should be coming their way,'' Tribal Chairman Mark Brown said of last month's vote. "We looked at where we are with the (Sunburst) project, and decided we could do a little something now.'' Each member of the tribe receives the stipend and other benefits for health care, education and housing. Stipends for Mohegan children are held in trust, then paid out incrementally after they turn 18. The Mashantucket Pequots have never publicly disclosed the stipends their members receive, but The Day of New London reported that the payments range from six-figure sums to more than $1 million annually

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