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'Mohawk Girls' Takes on Life and Young Love -- On and Off the Rez

The comedy drama Mohawk Girls has been called Sex and the City on the Rez
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Look out, Turtle Island, the Mohawk Girls are coming.

Mohawk Girls is a comedy drama series currently being filmed by Tracey Deer for the Aboriginal People's Television Network (APTN). It's about the adventures of four young Native women, and has been called "Sex and the City on the Rez." There is obviously an indigenous aspect to the series, but Deer feels there are universal themes there as well.

"It's about my own life, and I'm sharing that with Canadians," she told the Montreal Gazette. "And I'm hoping by sharing it, we'll be building some bridges." The series will no doubt pick up themes Deer explored in her 2005 documentary of the same name.

After all, while cultures may differ in the details, young women everywhere can identify with rebellion and flouting taboos. Actress Jenny Pudavick, Metis, plays a character in the same spot as the lovers of Romeo and Juliet. "I fall in love with a white man and I want to travel and leave the reserve," Pudavick told CBC News. "You're not supposed to do that. You're supposed to stay and marry a Mohawk man and build the Mohawk nation."

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Another actress, Heather White, Mohawk, adds, “We are not that different from the people that are ten minutes that way. We all want to love and be loved."

Brittany Leborgne, Mohawk, and Maika Harper, Inuk, round out the quartet of central characters. The cast also includes Glen Gould, Christian Campbell and Rachelle White Wind. The seven 30-minute episodes being filmed are slated to air in 2014. To keep up with developments, follow and