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Mohawk Energy to Distribute Efficiency to Fellow First Nations

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Ontario-based Mohawk Energy of the First Nations has netted an exclusive contract as distributor of products made by renewable-energy company Next Alternative Inc., which has offices in Frankfurt, Ottawa and Arizona, the latter company announced.

Mohawk Energy of the First Nations will be “the sole entity to market, sell and distribute Next Alternative’s entire production of machines and emulsion products amongst aboriginal and other First Nation communities and bands and tribal territories throughout North America,” Next Alternative announced on Jan. 17.

Next Alternative explores and sells what it calls “eco-friendly solutions” and products to businesses, mainly utilities looking to reduce costs. Mohawk Energy of the First Nations already has its eye on 15 major U.S. markets and six Canadian markets, said Robert Ireland, chief executive officer of Next Alternative.

“Next Alternative is thrilled that our agreement with Mohawk will enable First Nations’ landscapes throughout North America to utilize our products and services in creating more efficient operations,” said Ireland in a Jan. 17 announcement. “Moreover, it reflects a commitment to providing cleaner energies that will benefit not only those who use them, but the planet as a whole.”

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On Jan. 13 New Alternative announced it would start promoting a new alternative fuel known as NAI-Fuel or emulsion fuel—a water-petroleum mix of 60 percent fuel and 40 percent water that is “blended on a sub-micron level,” the company said, along with “a miniscule amount of a stabilizing agent.”

The new fuel exceeds EPA emission regulations and costs 30 percent less than regular fuel, a development with “amazing implications for a variety of industries,” New Alternative said.

“The development of NAI-Fuel has the potential to revolutionize the efficiency of our fuel output,” Ireland said in the company’s release. “Specifically within power plants, we can offer a vastly cleaner and less costly way to produce electricity, while addressing the protection of the environment at the same time.”

Next Alternative’s emulsion fuel plant is up and running in Canada, with fuel being manufactured. Burn tests “have been very successful, producing tremendously positive results,” the company said.