Model Owee Rae: Being Herself and Changing Perceptions

A video feature on Navajo model Owee Rae, who will be participating in the AIGSA Fashion Showcase on April 17 in Tempe, Arizona.

Native American model Owee Rae knew she wanted to be a model, even though the career choice challenges many of her Navajo beliefs, including that women should not show parts of their body publicly. Capitalizing on the recent popularity of Native American-influenced fashion, she and other Native American designers are trying to get a foothold in the fashion industry. They’ve been working closely with Arizona State University's AIGSA Fashion Showcase, which will take place on April 17 in Tempe. Rae says the event is a great way to make contacts and get exposure.

Here's a short video of an Owee Rae photo shoot by J Jones Photography: