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Misty Upham's Friend Juliette Lewis Demands Inquiry: 'This Is Not a Suicide'

Actress Juliette Lewis, who worked with the late Misty Upham on "August: Osage County," says Upham's death was not a suicide.
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When they were colleagues on the set of August: Osage County, actresses Misty Upham and Juliette Lewis became fast friends. Now, one of them is dead under mysterious circumstances, and the other is demanding answers.

On Thursday evening, after the news had broken that Upham's body had been found near the White River in Washington, Lewis posted a photo of herself and her friend to Instagram, with the following comment:

Misty Upham survived many things that many don't early on in life. She fought for the voiceless fiercely. She understood suffering and the deepest pain. She had a presence everyone saw and felt. It is this presence that will continue. Out of the dark space in which her light got dimmed. I will remember her as tuff. Wise. Funny. Spiritual. And hopeful. This is another great reminder to call and check on someone when you think to. Not when its too late. RIPMistyUpham

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Lewis continued her thoughts on Twitter:

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@JulietteLewis #RIPMistyUpham I am in shock and grief. I pray the police do a murder investigation. They're saying not "foul play" when of course it is.

@JulietteLewis #RIPMistyUpham Misty spoke out a lot against injustices within Native community. And had known enemies. Police must do an investigation.

@JulietteLewis I cant sleep. Too much darkness. I feel so sad about Misty. I know she has more to say. And about how she died. #RIPMistyUpham

@JulietteLewis Misty told me about horrible violence she suffered on NA reservations She felt she coul be murdered! Bcuz she was vocal #ThisIsNOTaSUICIDE

Two other esteemed actresses who've shared the screen with Upham offered their condolences for a Hollywood Reporter story. Meryl Streep, whose character employed Upham's as a nurse in August: Osage County, wrote "So so sad to hear this news — all our thoughts are with her family and with her beautiful spirit." Melissa Leo, Upham's co-star in Frozen River, wrote "Such a loss... so sad, so so sad. I hope to that her talent is remembered more than any troubles we surely will never understand. She was a smart, delightful actor, a spirit wild and hungry. I know I and others are honored to have had Misty in our lives."