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Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Mississippi

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Three members of the band accused of staging a February standoff at tribal headquarters were convicted in tribal court. Cases are pending against two others. The five were charged with disruption of governmental business, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct in a Feb. 22 protest. Choctaw Chief Phillip Martin had said 29-year-old Gall Tubby and the others represented only a few of the band's 8,500 members in the protest over management practices. Aug. 1, Tubby and his brother, Sean, were convicted in tribal court on one count each. Other charges were dropped. Gall Tubby was sentenced to six months probation for disrupting a government business. Sean Tubby, 31, was fined $250 and given three months probation for criminal trespass. "I think there is still injustice going on," said Gall Tubby. Byron Issac, 26, was convicted of disrupting tribal government, fined $500 and placed on probation for six months. Cases against Ramsey King, 30, and Henry Ronald "Ronnie" Alex, 44, were continued because of the absence of their attorneys. Authorities said the three barricaded themselves with chains and cables in the tribal office building's lower level. The charge stated the men entered the building before opening hours without authorization, but Gall Tubby argued the building was open.

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