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Miss Oglala Lakota Nation embraces NEC

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WABASHA, Minn. – Daisa One Feather, the reigning 2008 – 2009 Miss Oglala Lakota Nation traveled through bad weather from her home on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, to help with opening weekend of the National Eagle Center’s Soar with the Eagles annual event.

Daisa, 17, is a junior at Red Cloud Indian School and is Oglala Lakota and Dineh (Navajo). Daughter to Delmar and Lynda, her ancestral relatives are of the Sitting Bull Band on her father’s side and the Red House and Red Running into the Water clan from her mother’s side. She also has an older sister, Delmarina, who is currently attending Arizona State University.

Daisa was part of the many events scheduled Saturday, March 7 to launch the month long program at NEC. Dressed in beaded buckskin, Daisa greeted anxious visitors and enlightened them with the story of the Lakota meeting the Eagle. The theme at the inaugural NEC weekend was the “Human Connection.”

No stranger to crowds, Daisa and her sister are accomplished dancers in traditional buckskin style. In addition to her dancing credits, Daisa has earned the Certificate of Achievement Silver Honor and Super Reader awards. In 2004 she received the “Girls of Distinction Award” from the Girl Scouts for representing the state of South Dakota.

“I like to participate in various events and sports, because it is an opportunity for me to become aware and experience different activities available to me,” Daisa said. She enjoys meeting people, making friends from different places, and being able to learn new, exciting things.

The family is currently working with the National Eagle Center to introduce the eagle and the center to the people of Pine Ridge. Plans are underway to include the eagle as part of Daisa’s honoring, when she relinquishes her crown at the annual Oglala Nation Powwow in August.

And Daisa’s family are no strangers to Wabasha. Her Uncle, through Native adoption, John Zeller and family reside in Wabasha where both families meet often while attending area powwows. John’s wife Kathleen, a staff person at the center, helped arrange Daisa’s visit.

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