Miss Lumbee Working to Improve Literacy

Lindsey Krisian Oxendine, Miss Lumbee 2016-2017, and Arrow Educational Solutions have partnered to improve literacy for Lumbee youth.

Lindsey Krisian Oxendine, Miss Lumbee 2016-2017, and Arrow Educational Solutions have partnered to improve the reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension skills of children and adults in Robeson County, North Carolina.

While competing in the Lumbee pageant, Lindsey was asked what her mission would be if she won, her response was “Mentoring to Motivate.”

“I didn’t choose this empowerment tool, but rather it chose me,” she explained when asked why she chose this platform. “Mentoring has always been my passion, seeding a positive mind-set into the lives of our youth is vital in today’s society.”


“In my local church, Harvest Church, I have served as a trained student leader since the age of 16,” Lindsey said. “As a student leader I provide guidance and support to the youth of our church in varied areas. Now that I am Miss Lumbee, it is my desire to expand my mentoring skills outside the walls of my local assembly.

“Other student leaders within our assembly have agreed to unite with me in my initiative,” she said. “We plan to receive the necessary training to properly carry out our mission.”

Lindsey chose reading and literacy as part of her mentoring program partly because she was approached by a mother who said her daughter admired her, and that her daughter gets bullied at school for being a slow reader. She told the mother that “as Miss Lumbee I am going to personally work with your little girl as part of my Mentoring to Motivate platform by helping her with her reading. Further, if during my reign I am provided the opportunity to visit your little girl’s school, I will make it a point to use her in my demonstrations in hopes this will discourage the bullying.”

One of Lindsey’s long-term goals is to achieve early reading proficiency among Lumbee youth, and to encourage them academically, socially, and economically for success in the years ahead.

Lindsey first heard about Arrow Educational Solutions when its owner, Dr. Reginald Oxendine Sr. spoke to Harvest Church youth. His compassion for educating children, especially Lumbee youth, captured Lindsey’s attention as he provided literacy statistics. He told the group that 66 percent of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of fourth grade end up in jail or on welfare, and that 78 percent of children who lack reading proficiency by fourth grade will likely never possess reading proficiency.

Arrow Educational Solutions has been, according to its website, creating and distributing phonics and literacy reading materials for both the home and school market for the past 12 years. Their web-based products can be used to improve literacy.

This story was originally published December 17, 2016.