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Miss Indian Oklahoma 2011 Strives to Help Others

Native American sophomore crowned Miss Indian Oklahoma 2011, wants to help others.
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College sophomore Devon Frazier was crowned Miss Indian Oklahoma 2011 this past spring. She introduced herself to the judges in Shawnee, which she has been learning from her grandparents.

“I cherish my heritage strongly because it is a part of what makes me who I am,” she told the Shawnee News-Star. “I am very proud of my diversity, my family, and my people.”

Frazier’s was presented with a silver crown and cedar box; her reign will last for one year. During that time she will visit various groups, attend powwows and speak about preserving culture.

Frazier graduated from Little Axe High School in Norman, Oklahoma in 2010. During her senior year there she was named an Oklahoma Academic Scholar and was a member of the National Honor Society. She’s also an athlete; she played varsity softball, basketball and track at Little Axe.

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She is currently studying history at St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. She received a softball scholarship to study there. Frazier is active in a number of student initiatives including the Native American study group.

“She is certainly a role model for our Native American youth across the United States,” said Father Wayne Payssse, executive director of the Black and Indian Mission Office in Washington, in a June message.

“I grew up learning if I wanted to make a difference, I would have to get an education to help my people,” Frazier told The Catholic Review. “To make a strong and definite difference you have to get an education.”

Frazier isn’t 100 percent sure where she wants her education to take her, but according to a St. Gregory’s press release, she has considered going into teaching.

“I have thought about numerous possibilities such as a teaching career or working with the Absentee Shawnee tribe,” she said. “Whatever I do, I know that I want to help other people, because that is something I greatly enjoy.”