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Miley Cyrus Is 21 and Has a $25,000 Tipi in Her Backyard

Following Miley Cyrus' wild 21st birthday party festivities, a tepee has been spotted in her back yard.
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Miley Cyrus recently celebrated her 21st birthday, and in the wake of wild festivities at Beacher's Madhouse she seems to have added a guest house of sorts -- a tepee that is said to sleep four now occupies her back yard. 

As we've seen before, tepees have been fashionable as both hipster sanctuaries and celebrity dwellings (Kate Moss put guests up in tepees at her 2011 wedding). It's possibe Cyrus believes the tepee is another way of getting in tune with her plausible Native heritage -- to go with the dreamcatcher and crossed arrows she has tattooed on her body (see below).

But that's speculation. Sometimes a $25,000 tepee in your back yard -- yes, that's what it cost -- is just a $25,000 tepee in your back yard.

Miley Cyrus' dreamcatcher tattoo. Source:

Miley Cyrus' crossed-arrows tattoo. Source: