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Michigan Indian Education Council to Honor Identity and Embrace Diversity

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Are you interested in the education of Native American students? If yes, then this year’s Michigan Indian Education Council (MIEC) Native American Critical Issues Conference (NACIC) could be for you. The theme “Honoring Identity and Embracing Diversity” was designed to discuss challenges and strategies for respecting Native culture and honoring diversity within Anishinaabe communities.

According to MIEC’s conference announcement, cultural competence, cultural attunement, and cultural humility will be examined, and recommendations for effective community practice in working with Native groups and organizations will be shared.

MIEC’s goal, “is to provide leadership, which will foster continued improvement of academic achievement and to address school-related variables that adversely affect the educational outcomes for Native youth in Michigan,” states the announcement.

“Since many of our young people continue to be under-represented among academic achievement gains and over-represented in poor and poorly performing schools, the NACIC underscores the rich potential of investing in our young people through concrete strategies to help them succeed academically.”

Conference topics to achieve those goals include a session on dynamics and inclusivity of youth programming, which will discuss the needs of youth and their families, the malleability of urban Indian programs, and the dynamics involved in establishing a cultural curriculum in an urban setting; preparing for higher education, which will cover necessary steps to make sure parents and children are ready for college.

Keynote speakers include Philip “Sam” Deloria, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux and director of the American Indian Graduate Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Linda Keway, a member of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians and a professional development and human rights consultant with the Michigan Education Association.

The conference will be held March 10 to 12; for more information visit