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Michelle Obama Celebrates the Anniversary of 'Let's Move! in Indian Country' and Incites More Involvement

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A year after First Lady Michelle Obama and American Indian and Alaska Native youth planted the three sisters in the White House garden, she has released a special message about the important “Let’s Move! in Indian Country” (LMIC) initiative to end childhood obesity.

In a video message, Mrs. Obama highlights the many achievements reached since the inception of LMIC. "We've seen tribal councils develop food policy councils to examine the food habits of their communities," Mrs. Obama says. "Schools have reintroduced lacrosse programs. Native businesses are adding healthy, traditional food like buffalo meat in school lunches. The Bureau of Indian Education implemented a new health and wellness policy for its schools. And nearly 10,000 people across Indian Country earned a Presidential Active Action Award for getting up and exercising."

While Indian Country has made significant strides to improve the health of American Indians and Alaska Natives, Mrs. Obama urges more people to get involved. "We need more schools serving healthy foods and finding new ways to encourage kids to be active," she implores. "We need more doctors and nurses talking to parents and kids about their nutrition habits. We need more leaders bringing people together from businesses, government, nonprofits and faith groups to create solutions that work for their communities."

Mrs. Obama ends with a message of hope that if members of Indian Country continue to step and get involved, "we can give our children the healthy futures they deserve."

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