Mets Strike Out on American Indian Heritage Day Against Braves


The New York Mets, one of the worst teams in baseball, have denied an American Indian Heritage Day at their park because the game was scheduled against the Atlanta Braves. The city's American Indian Community House had worked to get the day booked, with an emphasis on Native culture to be presented through song, dance and other displays. The Mets—worried that these Indian displays would be construed as a protest against Atlanta's nickname—wanted to "preserve their relationship with their MLB partners and are ultimately concerned about unforeseen events that may take place if [the AICH] were to hold the pre-game activities," says an AICH staffer.

“Being a nonprofit in the city, we’re not in the business of making enemies,” said Kevin Tarrant, the deputy director of the AICH. “This whole thing wasn’t even our idea. But it just feels like we’re being marginalized again within our own community.”