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Memorial Day Tribute: Two-Spirit Cherokee Artist Tony Enos Honors Military with “I Cry”

Memorial Day Tribute: Two-Spirit Cherokee Artist Tony Enos Honors Military with “I Cry”

This Memorial Day, two-spirit Cherokee recording artist Tony Enos is honoring American soldiers and their families who have given the ultimate sacrifice with his new single and music video, “I Cry.”

The song is one of many released by Enos that seek to heal the ails of this world. He had previously released the popular two-spirit anthem of the same name “Two-Spirit.” “I Cry” is a beautiful tribute sung by Enos honoring those who have served and lost their lives, and those who were connected to that loss in life.

Enos gives many reasons for recording his tribute. “The death of a loved one is a heartbreaking tragedy. When that loved one is a fallen soldier who lost their life in combat for our country, it leaves a life shattering scar that defies explanation.”

“I hope it validates their experiences, trauma, and heartbreak. It’s a chance to say I see you, and you matter,” says Enos.

“I Cry,” is a ballad written by Nashville songwriter and producer Thomas Devine, and featuring piano and electric guitar, and emotionally wrought lyrics sung by Enos.

The song tells the story of a soldier who takes the plane ride back to the states with the body of a fellow soldier who has died in battle, and how the experience affects him.

Enos, an enrolled member of the Echota Cherokee tribe, explains his Native connection to the project, “My grandfather was a veteran. Native Americans have one of the highest armed forces enrollment rates, and honoring our warriors is an important part of our culture.”

Enos, a singer, songwriter and producer continued, “I have seen great disparities among our vets during my work in public health and that has definitely informed the love that I wanted to pour into this project.”

Continuing on his platform of activism through music, the Philadelphia born native says he is also taking this opportunity to bring awareness to issues that affect LGBTQ2S soldiers and vets.

Enos said, “not a day passes that I’m not grateful for all of our soldiers and vets who have fought for our freedoms. Especially those who have been made to do so while experiencing hate and discrimination.” Visit Tony Enos online at www.tonyenosmusic.comFollow Indian Country Today’s associate editor and senior correspondent, Vincent Schilling (Akwesasne Mohawk) on TwitterFollow @VinceSchilling