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Meet the Native Bigfoot Hunters From '$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty'

A interview with Dan and Dave Greene, the Mohawk/Tuscarora/Chippewa brothers on $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty.

Currently SpikeTV has been airing episodes of its new series $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty in which nine elite teams of searchers look for definitive proof of the existence of Bigfoot.

In a conversation with ICTMN, brothers Dan and Dave Greene (Mohawk, Tuscarora, Chippewa), who are billed as the Native American team on the show and sometimes called the "Green Giants," talked about their prior experiences as Bigfoot-hunters.

Has either of you actually ever seen Bigfoot?

Dan Greene, Carson City, NV: I have seen Bigfoot on two occasions. I was in the woods of northern Michigan the first time, sledding with my sister Emily. We turned around and saw something sitting by a tree -- we thought it was a bear, then it stood up on two legs and walked and looked at us. Then It walked into the woods. It was a real spooky feeling that made the hair on your neck stand up.

The second time we were on the reservation in Michigan at night and we built a wigwam that we were going to sleep in. It was a moonlit night which lit up the pond and we heard a sound that we thought was chopping. We looked across the pond we saw something tall and dark, it was big and had a branch and was hitting the tree. We were kids, and thought it was a killer chopping up somebody. It wasn't a person because it was dark and shaggy and he was hitting a tree with a branch. This was in 1985. This was before the theory of three came about.

We talked to other Bigfoot researchers and they said that I was the only guy that has ever seen this happen. 

David Greene, Independence CA: I had a fleeting experience a couple of years ago. I am not sure what I saw, I wasn't really into the Bigfoot thing per se as much as my brother Dan is.

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Dan Greene: I have not been a zealot like some of these people researching Bigfoot. Some people dedicate their lives to this but we are not like that at all. We just happened to see something that was cool. I don't think it is something that should be messed with, I wouldn't go looking for it and poke it with a stick.

Do you think there is a Native connection to Bigfoot?

Dan Greene: I think there is something definitely to it. My theory about Bigfoot is that those who seek do not find. If you are in "hunter" mode you are a predator and it can sense that -- if you're on the streets, you get a sense if someone is going to rob you or mug you. It is always the person who is not looking for it, or the guys having fun and having a great time, who finds it.

What would you do if you ever came face to face with Bigfoot?

Dan Greene: If I was face-to-face, I'd try to make contact -- I would walk towards it. I am not a person who freezes. I would definitely try to establish contact because it has been done before. I'd give it a shot. You can't hesitate at a time like that and there's no chance to be a chicken. Glory does not favor the meek.

David Greene: We talked about that -- my idea is that I would want some proof. I would try to grab it. Grab some hair, grab something, anything you can. Doctor Todd [Disotell, an expert who appears on the show] told us how to get actual proof. For example you need the root of the hair for DNA, or the push-out end of the scat where the cells are. You can’t just pick up an old turd and expect there to be DNA evidence.

Full episodes of $10 Million Bigfoot Bounty are available for viewing on the Spike network website.