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McLeod Lake Indian Band, British Columbia

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A man was attacked and severely injured by a grizzly bear after stumbling onto the animal while hunting over the initial September weekend. As Max Tylee clung to life in a Vancouver hospital, where he was treated for head wounds and other injuries, Royal Canadian Mounted Police asked the public to avoid the area near the reservation, about 500 miles north of Vancouver, until the bear was found. Area residents said Tylee and his wife Josie, both believed to be between 50 and 60, were hunting Sunday evening along a forest road. "The wife heard a commotion in the bush and called out to her husband, attracting the bear's attention," police Constable Jodi Shelkie said. "She heard her husband yelling in the bush, and she yelled back. "The bear charged her, but she managed to get to the safety of her truck, and drove to the McLeod Lake Indian Reserve to summon assistance." Tribal members and others found Tylee lying on the road. He was treated briefly at a hospital in Mackenzie before being flown to Vancouver. Police and provincial conservation officers were investigating, Shelkie said.

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