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McGrath Native Village, Alaska

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Cancellation of the winter moose hunt near the Interior town of McGrath comes as no surprise to the more than 400 people who live there. Village Council Chief Mike Fleagle said. "You've got to protect the resource. It is one of those necessary evils." The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced Nov. 28 there are too few bull moose to permit a season. He said the closure will be hard on families, especially those who did not get a moose during the fall hunt, tribal administrator Theresa Williams said. "Moose is what we eat. We live and breathe for moose season. We're going to be eating snow." Regional biologist Toby Boudreau said McGrath residents might try the Dec. 1-31 hunt in Unit 19D south of the Selatna River, about 75 miles from McGrath. There's also a Jan. 15 to Feb. 15 moose hunt in subunit 19C, about 90 miles by snowmobile from the town.

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