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Mayor: NYC Has Lots of Venues to Accommodate Multiple Casinos

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Should Governor Andrew Cuomo successfully pass an amendment to expand gambling in the state, New York City has enough space and facilities for several casinos, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, reported Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

“This city is big enough to have more than one,” Bloomberg said on June 8 on WOR radio. “We have lots of different arts venues, for example, lots of different concert halls and stadiums.”

Bloomberg, 70, claimed he has "never been a great fan of gambling as a way to raise revenue." But the industry is "not the cash cow it used to be," he said.

The ideal location for a casino to generate cash flow would be "where the population is"—rather than relying on a casino to stimulate a neighborhood economy.

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"Right around Atlantic City, they never benefited from that and it's true of Las Vegas, true of every one of these places," Bloomberg said. "If you're going to have it, then why not have it in New York City, and if you want to tax it, use the money to help disadvantaged neighborhoods."

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