Maybe Nelly Furtado Really Is on the Idle No More Bus


We did not plan this.

Earlier today, in a post that was mostly about Justin Bieber's new tattoo, we gave a tip of our cap to pop singer Nelly Furtado for acknowledging the Idle No More activists in the crowd during a New Year's Eve concert. It was a small gesture on Furtado's part, but -- rightly or wrongly -- small gestures from famous people can mean a lot.

At just about the same time we were writing about Nelly Furtado, she was on a boat -- specifically, a BC Ferry. On that ferry, she received a gift -- a t-shirt. From a First Nations woman. It's an Idle No More t-shirt. Furtado sent out a photo of herself wearing it via Twitter and YFrog, with the note:

"On BC ferry this AM got a beautiful gift from woman from KwaKwaKewak Nation (Alert Bay) #idlenomore "

The name she wanted was Kwakwaka'wakw -- though what she wrote was phonetically pretty close. Then:

"The t-shirt says, 'Canada- Our Home On Native Land'.. I couldn't agree more. #idlenomore "

This morning, we were not being terribly serious when we wrote "Could Canadian pop star Nelly Furtado take up the [Idle No More] cause?" -- as we said, it was just one small gesture.

Update: Two small gestures.

Guylish Bommelyn, Tolowa, Smith River Rancheria. Photograph courtesy Matika Wilbur