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May I Suggest: "Salt Camp: HerStory, Lakota Living Treasure Ollie Napesni"

ST. FRANCIS, S.D. - "Salt Camp: HerStory, Lakota Living Treasure Ollie Napesni" is the personal memoir of Ollie Napesni, Lakota. In a series of 13 tape-recorded interviews between April 17, 2001 and Oct. 30, 2001, Napesni recounted her life story to Dianna Torson. The result is an astonishing record of the remarkable life of this respected and revered elder.

Napesni was born at St. Francis, S.D. in 1917. She lived her early life at Salt Camp, an area north of Rosebud, S.D., with her parents. She recounts her life and the world beginning in 1918 through the events of Sept. 11 into the present world. Her life is a lesson in history and Lakota culture as she describes the conditions throughout the Depression, Dust Bowl, and World War II up to the present day. Her memory is astounding as she remembers even the smallest events in colorful and vivid detail.

The stream-of-consciousness style of her autobiography makes the reader feel as though she is listening to Napesni in person. The intent of the editor was to retain Napesni's voice and she has done a credible job. In the true tradition of the Native storyteller, she intersperses 12 tales of folklore and one "true story" among the anecdotes and advice of Napesni's personal narrative. During the 1960s, '70s and '80s, the feminist movement was growing. Napesni's life story is a model for women on how to live as equals in any society. Especially compelling is her advice for today's society rooted in Lakota family values and the past.

Renowned for her famous star quilts, she has made more than 600 since 1980. Napesni, along with her editor, have effectively sewn together the events of her life as a liberated women, artist, teacher and storyteller.

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Napesni has shown through her own life the perseverance, courage, creativity and peace that we should share as a world community, cooperating towards a better future as we learn from our past.

For more information on this book, contact Trafford Publishing at, call (250) 383-6864, e-mail sales or write Suite 6E, 2333 Government Street, Victoria, B.C. V8T 4P4.