Marquez, Huey and Jackson win Yavapai-Apache Nation general election


CAMP VERDE, Ariz. – Cora-Lei Marquez, Jon Huey and Robert Jackson Sr. officially join the nine-member tribal council as the three candidates with the most votes in the Yavapai-Apache Nation elections Sept. 20. Each candidate was elected to serve a three-year term.

Re-elected to the tribal council was Cora-Lei Marquez, who received the most votes in the election with 100 votes. She is currently employed with the Yavapai-Apache Nation as the Women, Infants and Children Program coordinator and will be serving her second term on the tribal council after winning the special election in 2007 to fill a single vacancy.

“It is an honor to be here before you,” she said. “There will be tough decisions ahead, but as a leader I rely on my community for support and strength.”

Jon Huey was re-elected to the tribal council with 98 votes. Huey stated, “It has been hard getting to where I am at. I have not yet reached my potential, and I am excited to continue my service on the council.” He is currently employed with the Yavapai-Apache Police Department and will be serving his second consecutive term on the tribal council. Huey recently completed his first term on the tribal council, after being elected in 2005 for a three-year term.

Winning the third vacant seat was Robert Jackson Sr., with 95 votes. He is a former member of the Cliff Castle Casino board of directors and the former chairman of the nation’s Community Development Financial Institutions board of directors. “I am not here to make drastic changes. I am here to represent the people and continue to good work of the tribal council,” he stated.

Trailing Jackson was Vincent Randall with 86 votes, Steven Doungeva with 76 votes, Frederick Sanchez with 68 votes, Buddy Rocha Sr. with 65 votes, Dave Kinsey Jr. with 64 votes, Harry Hood with 45 votes, Leimomi Montijo with 44 votes, Donna Nightpipe with 39 votes, David Lewis with 38 votes, Dennis Sine with 38 votes and Marlene Joshua with 33 votes.

Vice Chairman Norman Smith said, “I want to congratulate the winners of the general election. This is a critical time for the Yavapai-Apache Nation and our people. I am confident that the new council members and returning council members will have a strong commitment to the needs and the people of this great nation.

“As we face more and more challenges as a government, it is important to have leaders that bring experience and diversity to the council. I look forward to working with each member of the tribal council.”