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Maple Medicine

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Maple sap, also called zogalebi or sweet water, is not only a healthy and natural substitute for sugar, it also boosts the immune system, serves as an antioxidant and calms the stomach, reported

Maple syrup contains a high content of manganese, a mineral that serves as an antioxidant, which diminishes the damaging effects of free radicals, unpaired atoms believed to be involved in degenerative diseases and cancers. Basically, consuming more manganese may translate to healthier bone structure, a better metabolism, better regulated blood sugar levels, higher absorption of calcium and stronger connective tissues--and possibly slow the effects of aging, reported Organic Facts.

Because many pancake syrups are made with processed sugars, such as corn syrup, rather than real maple syrup, read the label. Look for pure maple syrup as the only ingredient, Robin Plotkin, RD, a Dallas-based nutritionist, told Then, substitute maple syrup for sugar or other processed sweeteners.

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