Mankiller Documentary Celebrates Sold-Out Premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival

AP- Wilma Mankiller: The Mankiller Documentary Celebrates Sold-Out Premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival.

Vincent Schilling

Mankiller Documentary Celebrates Sold-Out Premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival

Mankiller documentary made its debut with Gale Anne Hurd, Valerie Red-Horse and Mankiller family at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Culver City.

With a slew of box-office hits on her resume—including The Terminator, Aliens, The Incredible Hulk and the The Walking Dead—the executive producer of Mankiller, Gale Anne Hurd, accompanied by Native director of the film, Valerie Red-Horse Mohl (Cherokee) the owner/founder of Red-Horse Native Productions, attended the world premiere of their Mankiller documentary, based on the life of Wilma Mankiller on Monday, June 19, at the Los Angeles Film Festival at the Culver City ArcLight Cinemas.

Mankiller is their third Native American documentary that will also screen in select film festivals and will be broadcast nationally on PBS.

Gale Anne Hurd told ICMN in an email that the premiere was an exciting unveiling of the highly-anticipated feature documentary.

“Our Mankiller LA Film Festival premiere was such an inspiring evening for all of us involved with the film. A highlight for me was watching the film on the big screen with Wilma’s family, who flew in from Oklahoma to lend their support,” Hurd wrote.

“So many people in the sold out audience came up to us afterward to say how moved and energized they were by Wilma Mankiller’s powerful and enduring legacy.”

Native director Valerie Red-Horse Mohl shared similar enthusiasm with ICMN.

“The LA Film Festival Premiere of Mankiller was an answer to a prayer for me. It was an amazing event with cast, crew, family, and lifelong friends and supporters in attendance,” she wrote.

“The most rewarding part is that everyone loves Wilma Mankiller’s message and I feel her memory and legacy are truly being understood and embraced.”

Hurd also told ICMN in an interview regarding the importance of the legacy demonstrated by Wilma Mankiller and the Mankiller documentary.

“Wilma Mankiller’s values and achievements are part of an incredible legacy for both women and men. She was an amazing servant in the position of leadership with a great set of ambitious goals. The world could learn a lot from her right now.”

The Mankiller documentary premiered at the LA Film Festival on Monday, June 19, 6:15PM, at the ArcLight Cinemas in Culver City.

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