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Man Rescues Ailing Bald Eagle From Road

A man rescued this ill or injured eagle from the side of the road.
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Robert Hutton was driving home from work, minding his own business, when he spotted a bald eagle hopping in the road. He pulled over and got the bird into his car, taking it to Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital. The majestic bird seemed to be ill with an unknown ailment and may also have been hit by a car. It is now on the mend, and hopes are that it will be able to fly again. Meanwhile the North Spokane, Washington, man is being hailed as something of an eagle hero.

“The report was that someone saw him get hit by a car, so that was the initial thought. But whether he was sick before he got hit by a car, or whether he did get hit, we don’t know for sure,” veterinarian Luther McConnell told ABC News. “We’re treating him for all of the above. He has no fractures and he’s physically ill, so we’re treating him for the shock, fluid loss and infection.”

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