Man Crush Monday, Pt 1 (of 4): The Native James Bond, Martin Sensmeier

Gyasi Ross proclaims his man-crush for Martin Sensmeier -- model, actor, writer, fitness advocate -- and urges Indian country to support his career.

One of the implicit job duties of being a writer is that you’re actually supposed to have something interesting to say. That’s hard for me sometimes because I’m a pretty boring guy—I like to hang out with my kid and family, watch Kung Fu Hustle and play Rygar, Super Dodgeball and Baseball Stars on Nintendo. 

Boring stuff.

One of the things that writers are supposed to do then is to FIND interesting subject matter—events that people care about. That’s cool—we get to go to cool events. One of the really cool things too is that we have an excuse to meet really interesting people. It’s much easier to go up to someone and get to know them under the auspices of “Hey, you’re pretty cool and I wanna write something about you…” instead of just “Hey, I’ve been watching you.”

That’s just creepy. 

This “Man Crush Monday” is a series that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, but honestly just didn’t have the balls to do. I’ve been wanting to highlight and just UNABASHEDLY gush about a few brothers that were absolutely amazing, and there’s really no other way to describe my fondness for them other than to call it what it is—a “man-crush.” But, that just sounds…somehow. And that’s absolutely cool to sound “somehow” if I were indeed somehow…but I’m not somehow!

Still, these brothers had to be chronicled and promoted. They’re amazing. And brilliant. And have wonderful hearts. And yeah, they’re kinda hot too—James Bond-types, women want to be with them and guys (like me) want to be them!! (FYI, I will also chronicle a few amazing Native women that I just LOVE WATCHING and ADMIRING and LEARNING FROM, and calling it “Women Crush Wednesday” starting next week).

The goal of these pieces is to promote their WORK—I LOVE their work and think you will too. Please take the time to support the projects they’re working on.

This week’s #MCM is Martin Sensemeier. Women, you know who he is.

Mom and me.

But here’s the thing—ALL of Indian Country should know who he is and support him.

Now look, I know this dude has already been pretty much every woman with a pulse’s actual #MCM at least twice. I remember last summer, we were at Crow Fair and some friends of mine had NO clue what his name was but knew immediately that this was “Eagle Boy.”

Mom and me.


He’s much more than that. I mean, yeah sure, dude is fly and ripped…but here’s the thing: a couple of years ago, I took Martin as my little brother in the Indian way. Since that time, I’ve probably spent more time with him than most people in my life. He’s been living here on the Suquamish Reservation and taking care of my son and living small town life. We’ve road-tripped and played ball and worked out and ... talked. 

Mom and me.

The brother is the real deal, much more than just a pretty face (or some ripped abs). He’s a brilliant, hard-working dude with real ideas about how to serve Native communities. Modeling was just a way to get his foot into the door to be able to help serve; he’s passionate about spending time with Native elders and curbing alcohol abuse within our communities. He LOVES Native people. He loves kids. He’s made me a better father, a better partner, a better man just being around him; he spreads that sort of positivity. He works CRAZY to accomplish his goals—honestly, I’ve rarely seen someone who worked so hard to accomplish their goals. Powerful work ethic.

Mom and me.

Mom and me.

He’s about wellness, well-being. Being healthy. Spiritually, physically, psychically.

This is Martin: “I've learned that no matter how tough times get or how much you can let yourself go, or get lost in your own insecurities -- no matter how badly we feel defeated by failure, there is one thing that you CAN constantly control in your life: Your Health.

"We can wake up every day and constantly do our best to improve on our overall health and well being. I think it is important to think positively, forgive others, forgive yourself- No one is perfect. Strive for clarity and coherence. Eat clean food. Exercise. Eat more clean food. Hydrate. Sleep. Work towards something and live. Don't allow the words, 'I can't' be a part of your vocabulary. And please don't be narcissistic for f&#%sakes.”

Mom and me.

Here’s the thing: he’s got this little acting career that’s taking off. We can help with that. We NEED to help each other get to that next level. If you wanna see more of Martin, we can accomplish that. Together. Here’s how.

FIRST—Martin has a film short coming out called “K’ina Kil.” Check out the trailer for that short film on YouTube. Be on the lookout for that, and hopefully it will make the film festival run. We cannot control that, but what we CAN do is run up the score on the youtube hits and show that there’s an interest in it to make sure that it comes out. PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN—let’s see if the boy can act!!!

Mom and me.

SECOND—Martin will appear in an epdisode or two of a show called Salem which is coming on WGN America. Hopefully he can stick. WATCH, WATCH, WATCH!! I have NO CLUE how big the role is, but it’s a big deal irrespective of how big it is…we’ll get more specifics on when it’s coming up, but check out the show, get on the show’s Twitter account, @SalemWGNA -- tell them how happy you are that Martin is gonna be on there and that they’ve gained viewers because of his presence.

Aggressive. We can help out our blossoming stars.

Mom and me.

Martin needs it. But more importantly, WE need it, our kids need it—a bona fide Native leading man star. James Bond, Indigenous style, who encourages and practices wellness and health. Who WOULDN’T want that example for their kids (and themselves)?

Also check out his fan page at facebook.com/MartinSensmeier (this helps a lot--believe it or not, casting directors look at this), and also check out his blog at martinsensmeier.wordpress.com and his pictures at instagram.com/sensmeier

Mom and me.

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