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Makah Indian Tribe, Washington

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Tribal members butchered a gray whale found on a beach in Olympic National Park. Park officials say the 20-foot whale was found June 10 by hikers on a beach about six miles south of Capa Alava. Rangers who investigated on June 12 found the whale barely alive and suffering from large bite marks, apparently from a marine predator. June 13, a specialist from the National Marine Fisheries Service hiked in to take tissue samples, and found Makah tribal members butchering the carcass. The area is within the tribe's "usual and accustomed area'' for hunting under its 1855 treaty with the government, park spokeswoman Barb Maynes said. Park officials believe the whale was dead by the time it was harvested. The Makah made international headlines two years ago when they killed a gray whale during their first traditional whale hunt in more than 70 years.

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