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Lynx Snapped at Lifesaving TransCanada Highway Animal Crossing

The Trans Canada Highway winds through pristine territory, and wildlife crossings have saved more than 200,000 animals over 15 years.
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They look ghostly, but their lives are actually being saved. The TransCanada animal overpasses have provided safe crossing to hundreds of animals over the years, as evidenced by motion-sensored cameras that monitor the traffic. Recently Parks Canada cameras captured a rarely seen lynx crossing near Banff, British Columbia.

Below is a video of all manner of animals traversing the overpass. More than 200,000 animals have used such structures to safely cross the Trans-Canada Highway over the past 15 years, according to, which compiled and posted the video. It's part of a partnership between the University of Calgary's Miistakis Institute, Parks Canada and other organizations to study the benefits of roadway ecology, a growing area of consideration for policy planners and engineers. The videos are made by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Leanne Allison.

"The local and international implications of this image are significant," the University of Calgary said on its website. "Locally, the image illustrates the important role wildlife crossing structures continue to play in both minimizing human-caused deaths as well as providing animals like lynx with access to diverse habitats on both sides of the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park. Internationally, this news will be a boost to wildlife managers with sensitive lynx populations, like Colorado, where plans are already in place to build highway-wildlife crossing structures."

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