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Lummi’s Fight to Save the Salish Sea From Coal Terminals Profiled in Grist

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Grist, the esteemed environmental reporting website, has created a multimedia extravaganza profiling the Lummi Nation’s fight against coal terminals.

The tribe has initiated a Totem Pole Journey designed to educate the public about the plans for the Gateway coal terminal at Cherry Point in Washington State. The goal of the journey, which began on August 17, is to “bring together indigenous tribes from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest for a unified front against Big Coal and Big Oil,” as the website describes it.

Grist talks of the salmon industry and culture, the decline of the herring, and weaves it all together with stunning photos and links to numerous other sources. Definitely worth a read, if only for the thrill of seeing Indian country brought into the mainstream environmental debate, with a real voice.

Read Treaty Rights and Totem Poles: How One Tribe Is Carving Out a Resistance to Coal, in Grist.

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