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Lost Dogs of Superstorm Sandy

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Superstorm Sandy ravaged the tri-state area last week leaving in its wake severe flooding, demolished homes, millions without electricity or heat, and many displaced dogs.

Local and national organizations have created several programs to reunite Sandy victims with their beloved pups including the following:

Facebook's Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets was created to post pictures of lost or found animals in the affected Northeastern regions.

The Red Paw Relief Team of Philadelphia is also using their Facebook page to share information about displaced animals in the area.

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Twitter's #SandyPets is generating up to date tweets from rescue organizations and shelters like the Humane Society and Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) on how to volunteer and help.

New York City's Humane Society has set up a hotline for any evacuees that were forced to leave their animals behind. Anyone needing to report, please call 347-573-1561.

The ASPCA of New York has sent field work teams to several areas affected by the storm including Rockaway, NY. Yesterday, they posted this heartwarming video of an owner being reunited with her beloved pup, Precious: