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Look again at union issue

Regarding the editorial, ;'Tribal economic relations in the shadow of NLRA'' [Vol. 27, Iss. 32].

The San Manuel Band of Serrano made a poorly calculated decision by not pursuing the government's interference in its business activities. The Pequots are not making that error and will pursue every avenue of legal recourse available. The bottom line is that the government, in the form of the National Labor Relations Board, has overstepped its ''mandate'' and the D.C. court, as it seems prone to do, made a convenient interpretation to allow unions to organize Native casino employees.

If this effort turns out to be successful, and if all Native nations do not join in the fight, sovereignty will clearly and surely disappear, for the NLRB's success (if allowed to stand) will only lead the federal and state governments to make further inroads.

Who employees and clientele are should not be criteria for giving an outsider (NLRB) and unions control, in any way, of American Indian businesses.

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The employees that voted in favor of joining the United Auto Workers should look at the unions' history for in it they will see their jobs disappearing. After all, in my estimation, the UAW played a major role of the demise of the U.S. auto industry.

- Jim Greenwald

New Paris, Pa.