Longmire Lives! Netflix Rescues Popular Series, Graham Greene Thrilled

Longmire was rescued from cancelation by Netflix, and actor Graham Greene wants another stint on the show as bad guy Malachi Branch.

When A&E announced the cancellation of Longmire, a police drama set in Wyoming, fans were heartbroken. Now, with the news that the show will indeed have a fourth season, on Netflix, those fans are rejoicing. So too are cast members.

The series, which frequently incorporates Native American issues into its plotlines, has proven to be a popular one among Native viewers. It's also employed many Native actors. A. Martinez, Zahn McClarnon, David Midthunder and Graham Greene have all played recurring characters, and the list of Native actors who've appeared on the show at least once includes Irene Bedard, Gary Farmer, Kimberly Guerrero, Michael Spears, Amber Midthunder, and Ernest Tsosie III. 

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Production on the fourth season of Longmire begins in March, with episodes arriving on NetFlix in the second half of 2015.

Greene, who is Oneida from the Six Nations Reserve, has a day job, as one of the principal characters on the SyFy series Defiance. But he clearly enjoyed his four-episode run on Longmire as Malachi Branch, a corrupt former Tribal police chief fresh out of jail on parole; he has been tweeting his delight at the show's revival, and dropping hints that he'd like to return. Here are some comments from his @Rafeolla Twitter feed:

Graham Greene @Rafeolla · Nov 19
So happy for all you fans hope you enjoy season 4, you worked so hard, sure hope they let me get to see you @LongmirePickup

Graham Greene @Rafeolla · Nov 19
You guys are fantastic, I hope I can come back and play, S3 was a dream come true for me, I promise Malachi will be good...ok bad

Graham Greene @Rafeolla · Nov 22
Longmire rides...ok people, let's jingle some spurs

Graham Greene @Rafeolla · Nov 24
Longmire is the best show I ever had the opportunity to work on

Graham Greene @Rafeolla · Nov 24
Not a whole lot happens in an actors life, Longmire is one of them. I get to play with good people @longmire

Will Greene get his wish? Will Malachi come back for more dirty tricks in Absaroka County, Wyoming? We'll find out next year—on Netflix.