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Long-time Denver Bronco Fan Wins Super Bowl XLVIII Tix

Native Denver fan Wins Super Bowl Tix

Tom Godwin’s six years of working in guest relations for the Denver Broncos didn’t give him the edge for winning Super Bowl XLVIII tickets.

“There were 350 people in the drawing. But, since I’d been working there for six years, my name was in there six times,” Godwin told ICTMN. “And then they did a random computer selection…I’m just saying it was God.”

Godwin’s church pastor and music director did a parody version of“New York, New York” for Godwin when he learned about his win. “Start spreading the news, he’s leaving Thursday. And Tom will cheer the Broncos in, New York New York!” ICTMN found the video on Facebook.

Godwin won two tickets to the Super Bowl, which includes airfare and hotel. “Just our meals and the taxes,” he said, are what’s left to pay.

Godwin, 77, has been a Denver Bronco fan since the 1960s and said that he’s been to every game -- except when he was sick -- for more than five decades.

“I had tickets in the old Bronco [Mile High] stadium in the South stands. Then, they moved to the new stadium in 2001,” Godwin said. At the new stadium, now Sports Authority Field at Mile High, which was renamed twice since the move in 2001, Godwin sat in the West club where he held season tickets. But he decided to become a fan in a different way. “I always wanted to be part of guest relations, so I gave up my seat to work in the West club.”

“I greet people; Make them feel at home. We’re there to represent the Broncos,” he said. “To make them feel excited.”

Courtesy Tom Goldwin

Tom Goldwin in Bronco T-Shirt.

Godwin is the father of six. He has four sons and two daughters, but he could bring only one person to the Super Bowl with him. He chose his son, Tyron “Ty” Angus Godwin, 52.

“The son who I chose to go with me was the one who bought season tickets for the old stadium and the new stadium,” Godwin said. Ty was a season ticket holder along with his father, and purchased tickets to the games each year. “Since he was the one who bought tickets, it would be only natural for him to go with me to the Super Bowl.”

The Broncos-Seahawks matchup on Sunday night won’t be the first Super Bowl for Godwin, Lumbee Tribe from Pembroke, North Carolina. He took his daughter to Super Bowl XXI in 1986 in the Los Angeles, when the Broncos played the Giants. The Giants won their first Super Bowl title that year, beating the Broncos 39-20.

Below a picture Godwin posted on his Facebook page, his daughter, Kimberly Godwin Jefferson wrote him a congratulatory note. “Ah! Great memories dad! I am sure I will soon be replaced by a picture of you and Ty, @SBXLVIII!! But never replaced in your heart! Love you!”

Godwin said he’s confident that the Broncos will win this year. After watching at least 17 Denver Broncos quarterbacks play, he knows that a key to their win will be Peyton Manning and he’s bringing a good luck charm when he leaves for the game on Thursday.

“I had a megaphone that someone had brought to me and it had the word ‘Omaha’ on it,” Godwin said. “Part of Peyton’s cadence is to yell ‘Omaha, Omaha,’ and I will take it to the Super Bowl with me.”

He also said it’ll be a win for his team on Sunday because of the way Denver maintained control during the AFC Championship game. Godwin was working and watched as the Broncos dominated the Patriots to win the championship title.

“It was a very explosive and exciting day with the Broncos because we maintained control in defense and offense,” he said. “It was just an exciting time because as the people left, some of the fans were just laughing and some crying with excitement.”

“For myself as well as the fans,” Godwin said. “They were just – well, what’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you? That’s how the fans felt.”

Godwin, who’s been to New York before, plans to take in the sights of the city before enjoying the game on Sunday.

“First thing [I’ll do] is just take in the excitement with an attitude of a win,” he said. “I’m a very positive person.”