Local nonprofit presents Huaka’i on Hawaiian feather kahili


HONOLULU – On Oct. 4, the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, in partnership with the ‘Ahahui Siwila Hawai’i O Kap?lei and Bishop Museum, hosted a Huaka’i on the traditional Hawaiian treasure and art of making a handheld feather Kahili.

CNHA hosts a Huakai twice annually through its Leadership Network Program to provide individuals from every walk of life the opportunity to fellowship and energize by engaging in cultural activities.

The Huakai agenda included a tour of Bishop Museum’s Kahili Room and the newly renovated Hawaiian Hall, as well as a kahili workshop led by Shad Kane of ‘Ahahui Siwila Hawai’i O Kap?lei.

‘Ahahui Siwila Hawai’i O Kap?lei is a popular Hawaiian Civic Club known for traveling across the state and nation, conducting various how to workshops on making traditional Hawaiian arts and crafts,

like lauhala weaving, lei making, and featherwork. During the six hour Huaka’i, the Civic Club prepared kahili kits for each participant that included lots of feathers and a comprehensive verbal instruction from experienced kahili craft makers.

“It was a very rewarding experience,” said Farah Cabrera, CNHA community development specialist. “We were provided detailed information on the background and history of the kahili through our museum tour and the ‘talk story’ session with Mr. Kane. The hands-on workshop provided fellowship opportunities with various community members as we created our own version of the art.”

This Huaka’i project is an initiative under the Office of Innovation and Improvement of the U.S. Department of Education. Education through Cultural & Historical Organizations, also known as ECHO, provides educational enrichment to Native and non-Native children and lifelong learners.

CNHA is a Hawaii-based nonprofit serving a network of more than 100 organizations statewide and nationally. CNHA’s mission is to enhance the well-being of Hawaii through the cultural, economic, and community development of Native Hawaiians. For more information about CNHA please contact us at (808) 596-8155 or toll free at (800) 709-2642, by e-mail at info@hawaiiancouncil.org, or visit the Web site.