Likes Bullock for AG

I am a member of the Gros Ventre tribe of the Fort Belknap Nation. I want you all to know that although there is a fellow named Fox running for attorney general, he is not Indian. I am supporting Steve Bullock for this office because the AG is one of the most important statewide offices impacting Indian people. He is the chief law enforcement officer, with the Highway Patrol under his control, and also has oversight authority over the state’s 56 county attorneys; and, at the request of local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, can even investigate criminal violations of the law.

Steve Bullock is a strong supporter of Indian rights and tribal sovereignty, and will work hard as attorney general to protect the legal rights of Indian people and tribes.

Don’t cast a ballot just based on a name. Vote for Steve Bullock, who will serve and protect all people.

– Robert Fox
Hays, Mont.