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We are God’s children first

Though I realize that the United States has a serious problem of illegal immigration, I can’t help but imagine that American Natives, deceased and alive, are rolling over in laughter at the irony involved. Natives at one time were also faced with the problems that illegal immigrants brought to their borders. They feared the loss of their lives, livelihoods and lands; and one can almost be sure that they too expressed negative and unkind words and feelings about the illegal, uninvited and trespassing palefaces who brought with them misfortune, violence, death and outbreaks of diseases and infections unheard of in the New World.

Almost as soon as they arrived, the illegal, good Christian immigrants from Europe made it aggressively clear that “might makes right.” Searching for justification to begin the policy of Manifest Destiny, the European illegal immigrants determined that the Natives were savages rather than humans. No further justification for conquest was required. They somehow reasoned that God had entitled them to do away with the Natives and to take away their lands.

Today, U.S. citizens may worry that the same may happen to them, especially if they believe that “what goes around, comes around.” The matter is serious enough that everyone should reflect carefully as to not exasperate the problem with racial slurs, unjust accusations and judgments. Everyone needs to remember that this nation was started by immigrants who did not go through any legal process of immigration. Unless descendants of the European illegal immigrants are willing to accept that their forefathers were criminals, they should not be so eager today to make criminals of those crossing our borders illegally searching for a better life and better opportunities.

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Finally, if indeed the United States is truly a nation of Christian values and morals, we need to begin to resolve this dilemma by first agreeing that all people on Earth are the children of God. In whatever we attempt to do, we must faithfully keep in mind and strongly believe that we are God’s children first, renting on God’s personal property, before we are citizens of any nation or members of any race. We must diligently recognize this fact with the uppermost reverence. Or have we now decided to willingly, arro-gantly and defiantly break the lease agreement known as the Ten Commandments?

– Bob Montanez

Odessa, Texas