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Letter: OutKast offends with stereotypical performance at Grammy Awards

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I was watching last night's Grammy Awards show and the last performance of the night was by I think OutKast and as I watched it I was reminded of the bogus Hollywood production numbers from the forties with a bunch of fake Indians prancing around in lame costumes and skimpy-clad girls with a feather in their headband. The only difference was the music instead of forties big band it was a black artist and rap music. Was anyone with your organization offended by this stereotyping and continued use of Native American people for a bigoted musical production. Just cause it was a black performer not white should not let them off the hook. I thought the number was in poor taste and the same type of stereotyping crap the white community has been widely and rightly criticized for. Please let me know your thoughts and if you and other Native American organizations intend to do anything about this. I think a press conference to denounce the performance is in order to educate people of this continued degradation of Native American culture.

Christopher L. Backs, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.