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Learn the Basics of Language Immersion Programs

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A three-day workshop—Immersion A-Z: Essential Basics for Language Immersion Programs—will be held June 29 to July 1 at the University of Arizona, College of Education Building in Tucson, Arizona for those planning and starting immersion programs.

The workshop provides hands-on experience on language immersion methods, the proven effective way of transmitting language knowledge from one generation to the next in a variety of contexts including at home, in the community, at day care centers, at preschool and head start and at schools.

“Participants will learn how to design and implement immersion teaching, how to make long range plans for language programs, how to create language activities, how to produce fun and useful materials for language learning, and how to assess the effectiveness of the language immersion program,” according to a press release.

The registration deadline is April 15 and forms are available online through the Indigenous Language Institute.

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